Working through the pandemic

Submitted by Mcgill University
September 19, 2020

My story is all about my experience working in the middle of the pandemic. The pandemic started when I was finishing my internship for my nursing program which is also my last semester and then I will be graduating from my nursing program. It was tough since all my clinical were cancelled and I had to do all of them through zoom and even my graduation that I have been looking forward to got cancelled so I graduated in zoom. I realized in the midst of the pandemic that a lot of people are dying or in a critical condition it affected me negatively because not only adults are getting sick and dying but also our seniors and our kids who are supposed to be our future generation. I gathered all of my emotions and thoughts and told myself that I would want to help through this crisis that we are going through as I realized that many hospitals are in need of nurses. I cannot let myself sit in my bed while the world needs people like me in times like this even though I was anxious and scared for my own health and what could I bring to my family if I start working in the hospital, I figured that the only way for myself to be safe and my family to be safe is if we defeat this virus as one and we cannot do that if we are not going to put ourselves in the line to defend our people and alleviate the suffering of those who are infected. I got hired and I started working in the transplant floor where a lot more people are susceptible because most of them are immune compromised, it was hard seeing all the patient not be able to see their families because visitors are not allowed for their own safety, a lot of patient are losing their mind because they are stuck in their rooms and unable to go out, they are quarantined while they are sick and unable to do anything but to lay in bed, I was their friend, family, and their only support during this difficult times. I felt relieve every time I made my patients happy and feel that they have someone that they can count on to. I felt that my role was so important not only on helping them get better but to keep their hopes high and to not lose their faith through this pandemic. Till now I continue to help all of my patients in the ongoing battle that the world is going through with COVID-19, as a nurse I can proudly say that this profession has chosen me to not only serve other people but to be part of their lives they can never forget.