Working as a nurse during COVID

Submitted by McGill University
October 27, 2020

I am a nurse, I just graduated in 2020 and I am continuing my studies at McGill. I am working on the Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury unit. During the pandemic, I have been working with this population and it is only the beginning of my career. I love the unit I am on and it has its challenges but who doesn’t? Starting my career during a pandemic has been very stressful, I have had possible cases of COVID on my unit which would scare me so much since my dad is a cardiac patient, I would make sure to stay away from him and stay with my mom instead. This has been very difficult and I missed him a lot, there are articles coming out stating they might obligate nurses to work full time at the hospital regardless of the situation, it is very frightening as I am full time in school, the guilt of not working more affects me a lot but the stress of school is a lot as well. I have come to the realization of how precious every day is. To hug your family tight, appreciate how we have free medical services, how we are working as a team to fight the pandemic, and how people will continue to send and positive encouragements your way even though they don’t know you. I have learned a lot from this experience and hopefully, soon enough it will be a discussion in the past!