When listening becomes better than answering

Submitted by Mcgill Ingram School of Nursing
September 29, 2020

I am a maternity nurse, in this department we often have first-time parents who are asking a lot of questions and are anxious about bringing their baby home for the first. Though, during this pandemic, we had parents that had other children at home that were living with the same type of stress since they didn’t know what is safe or not for the baby. Questions if the older siblings could kiss the baby or if they could bring their baby to meet the grandparents. So many questions that would have never crossed someone’s mind if the world was not fighting a virus. What I realized was that, us nurses and even doctors, we did not have an answer for every question the parents had. Since a lot of information is still unknown about this illness. What I learned from this situation is that, at the end of the day, what the parents wanted the most was to have some to share their feeling with, to take the time to talk about this massive stressor that was added to everyone’s life. Nursing is not always having all the answers for our patients but to take the time to listen to our patients because it can be just as useful.