What I’ve learnt from COVID 19

Submitted by McGill University
October 30, 2020

This pandemic has been about working together and staying strong in the hardest of times. I’ve learnt the true meaning of resilience in this profession by watching my coworkers give it their absolute all every day in the hospitals. According to Gottlieb (2013), resiliency is the “ability to withstand, rebound and recover from adversity and insults that challenge a person’s physiological and psychological capacities” (p. 112). I strongly believe the frontline workers have shown these exact qualities this entire time, and there is no stopping soon. I’ve seen how quickly nurse adapted to this change and continue to fully support the patients and their families. I’ve seen only empathy and strength projected to those around them as that is what we need as a community today. The effect this pandemic has will forever change the meaning of nursing. Nursing embodies strength, care, and especially power to withstand and I could not be prouder of my coworkers and my career choice.

I’ve also witnesses the meaning of a treating patients are wholesome individuals. Not one person has dealt with the pandemic the same, everyone absorbs the information differently and effects them differently. Some people have lost loved ones from this virus while others haven’t. Others listen to the news throughout the day long others are overwhelmed and saddened from the constant depressing news. Everyone experienced a unique quarantine that is not like the others. As nurses, we must understand this and adapt to each persons’ experience.