The Year of The Nurse

Submitted by Mcgill University
October 21, 2020

They say that 2020 is the year of the nurse. I can truly agree, as it is shown during the Covid-19 pandemic. 2020 has been a tough year for all of us so far. This pandemic impacted us mentally, emotionally and physically. As a Nurse who was working on a Covid-19 unit from March 2020 to June 2020, it was definitely tough to see some patients fighting the virus. Many patients were able to overcome the virus and go home and isolate while others died from it. Working on a Covid-19 unit made me realize that patients and their families needed us more than ever. They needed us to be strong to help them overcome the uncertainty of this virus. I constantly provided support and reassurance to all my patients as they we’re not able to see their love ones during the pandemic. I became someone who they trusted.  While working on a Covid-19 unit, I provided care to a patient that was on nasal prongs. He needed oxygen to help him breath. During my shift, he told me that it was his daughter’s birthday and wished he could see her. He was tearful and was scared of the unknown being diagnosed with Covid-19. I often held his hand as he needed that reassurance and comfort. During the pandemic, our hospital provided us with tablets that allowed patients to facetime with their family. I decided to give him that opportunity to facetime his daughter for her birthday. The smile that he had on his face made me so happy that he had the chance to see his daughter on facetime during this tough time. If I can take away one thing from this pandemic is that nurses are important to the health care system as we are at the bedside 24/7 supporting and providing constant care to our patients. We create a therapeutic relationship with both our patients and their family. Being a Nurse is definitely not easy but I believe it is my calling.