Starting the hard way

Submitted by Ingram school of Nursing
October 19, 2020

I graduated from CEGEP in may 2020. I never taught that the end of my technique would be like this. I was home and I couldn’t hug my colleagues and wish them good luck. I started as a CEPI at CHUM in the hematology-cancer unit. I started the hard way. My summer was exhausting but has been enriching. I understood what it is to be a nurse. We always have to adapt ourselves. I started at Mcgill in september in the BNI program. I learned so much in the past few months by being at home and this university showed me that we have to persevere no matter what. I feel powerfull and I know that as a nurse, I can make a big difference in this crisis just by doing my job. We are superheroes.