Starting my nursing journey during the pandemic

Submitted by Ingram school of nursing McGill
October 27, 2020

My experiences and advices from the frontlines of COVID-19 started pilling up as I got floated to a COVID-19 unit as I had just finished my orientation to the unit I was originally affiliated to when I graduated and got accepted for my first nursing career. Even then, I learnt that no matter what protection I would’ve applied, fear and anxiety would’ve been inevitably felt while at work. I was very anxious and scared to affect my family. I think the very first thing that helped me the most, was to recognize the impact of the pandemic on my mental health. That’s the moment where you start being thankful and glad of anyone and anything in life. I am very thankful for my mother who is part of the frontline workers and who with I was able to get emotional support with miles away. By sharing thoughts, fears and emotions with colleagues we were able to stick together. We were overworked and exhausted but beneath our protection masks we were smiling with our eyes to try to do our best to cheer up and accompany patients through this hard time. My best advice to give would be to remember initially why each of us chose nursing as a career in the first place. To remember ourselves and our well-being even if it’s difficult.  Looking back and also seeing the future waves of COVID-19 coming I know see them as opportunities to learn, to grow, to live and to let live.