Second wave of Covid-19

Submitted by McGill University
October 20, 2020

I am actually working on a hemodialysis unit and recently we’ve had confirmed cases of Covid coming in. There’s a residence where more than half of the patient leaving there got the virus. When I heard that, I realized how important it is to not only put in place sanitary measures but also manage properly what’s going on inside the institutions. One of my patient lives there and got it from there. She’s a healthy elderly woman other than her renal failure and she’s autonomous. In the space of a few days only, she started having an intense fever and wasn’t able to do anything from her daily activities. She was brought to the hospital quickly and was hospitalized since she needed oxygen. She’s been there for the past week but at least her symptoms are getting decreasing. Since than, a few more of our patient were also diagnosed with this disease. We do have a good system in my department to isolate and separate our positive patients from our negatives ones without putting anyone at risk. I think as a nurse, we should really take all our knowledge on this virus and inform others the best we can so everyone can know and follow properly the measures in place to fight this pandemic. Also, I think that if we’re working in an environment where we don’t have the necessary equipment to protect ourselves and our patients and the rules in place in our institution doesn’t seem right, we should speak up as soon as possible so changes can be put in place to protect the ones we care for.