Psychological distance due to physical distance

Submitted by Mcgill universtiy
September 22, 2020

My friend is a dialysis nurse working in the hospital. Due to the pandemic, patients and nurses are all follow the physical distance requirement. Usually, while waiting for the dialysis, patients gather together and chat with each other. They are familiar with each other because they usually come to the unit 3 time a week for months or even years. The atmosphere in the unit was very relaxed. However, due to the pandemic, borads are placed between patients. They no longer talk to each other. Everyone sits in his chair for 4 hours without much interaction with others. Interactions between nurses are significantly decreased too. They usually chat while having meal, now one may not enter the staff room due to “enough people” inside. My friend feels sad for these changes due to the pandemic. But she is still working hard and passionately to provide proper care to her patients, and she believe that one day we can defeat the COVID-19.