Nursing is Not Just a Profession

Submitted by McGill University
October 30, 2020

Nursing is not just a profession – it is a culture and a lifestyle. When you to go down the nursing path, it will become incorporated into every aspect of your life. I had been studying nursing for 3 years and just graduated during COVID-19. When the pandemic began, it was a frightening time for my family especially since there were no healthcare professionals in our family. I ended up being the guide that helped my family, as well as my friends, through the pandemic. This was especially true for my grandmother. I became her caregiver through these times, and made sure her brain was always stimulated and she didn’t slip into depression during the pandemic. Many of my friends always ask for my help, and I am always using my judgement and knowledge. I am not “working” as a nurse due to being my grandmother’s caregiver and a full-time student, but I am still a nurse – and proud.