Nurses dealing with COVID-19

Submitted by Mcgill University
October 13, 2020


My name is Mageerthika Ponnudurai and I am a registered nurse working at the Jewish General Hospital. As a novice nurse, it was particularly hard to adapt to this pandemic. I never imagined that in my first year as a nurse, I would be dealing with a global pandemic. Everyone was forced to work full-time, including every weekend. The nurses were exhausted because all the vacations were cancelled. Some nurses did not take a vacation for 1 year and they were physically drained by this situation. Something more positive about working with COVID-19 patients was that you are paired with another nurse and you both care for 4 patients together. You enter the room maybe 2-3 times for the whole shift. You group all your interventions together during the morning round to give the medications and dressing changes. If let’s say you take the blood sugar for the diabetic patient, then you stay in the room of the patient and you tell your buddy nurse how much the blood sugar is and he will prepare the insulin to prevent you from getting out of the room frequently. As mentioned earlier, you group all your nursing interventions because you are not allowed to enter the room every hour. This experience definitely made me become a better person and nurse. I learned a lot during this period of time. Finally, it is very important to take care of ourselves because caring for someone else. It is important to stay safe and surrounded by a good working team.