New Nursing Graduate During Covid

Submitted by McGill University
October 30, 2020

I was in my last semester of nursing school when COVID-19 hit. I was part of the cohort that graduated from nursing school online. It was supposed to be a magical and happy time. My class had a party planned so that we could celebrate our accomplishment. However, COVID took that away from us. Instead of enjoying our accomplishment, we were asked to start work early to give a helping hand with COVID.

I was one of the few where I was supposed to start working on my unit, but my unit changed to a COVID unit. As a result, I started my career working in full personal protective equipment (PPE) which was not the way that I imagined myself starting my nursing career.

Thankfully, I only worked one week in the COVID unit because it was shut down since cases were dropping. However, this just shows the importance of nurses.

When the world is crumbling, we contribute to the frontline. We help others, we advocate, we are there to support patients during their worst times and we are also there to celebrate goods news and milestones with patients during their best times. That is what makes a nurse, and that is why I became a nurse, not to only help others, but to connect with others.