My First Day as a Nurse in a Big Hospital

Submitted by McGill Univeristy
October 24, 2020

May 21st was my first day as a nurse, on a hospital unit, in a big pediatrics specialized hospital. I was so scared of how things would work because of Covid-19. Everyone with masks on, not being able to familiarize myself with other nurses and professionals on the floor, not being able to make friends because of all those distancing measures, taking additional precautions with Covid being around, kids being scared of me with a big mask on not being able to see my big smile and finally being a new nurse and so having the chance to being placed somewhere else : these were all concerns that I had on my first day, with my first patients assigned. Thankfully after spending an awesome summer working with my favourite type of clientele, I was still able to be my goofy self and help those sick kids even with Covid being around. I had so much fun, I almost forgot about Covid and all those additional measures. I made new friends at work and those colleagues helped me so much in many different ways, such as helping kids, learning new things and techniques, learning more about nursing and other professionals, playing games with kids etc. They helped me build my confidence and were so welcoming. Kids were pretty comprehensive also when I explained to them why I wear a mask and how they work. Most of my concerns were gone after such an awesome summer as a nurse. I had the chance to have such a welcoming team on my unit and they inspired me to be the same when I’ll be a senior nurse. It is harder to organize activities and potlucks with Covid, but we sure had other ways of having fun and making patients happy. I’m thankful for this team and they made me have a great experience as a new nurse and made me fall in love with nursing. I learned that it is possible to have fun with Covid, even with additional precautions. I’m thankful my experience was positive and advice new nurses to ask help whenever they need it and always ask if they aren’t sure about something, there is absolutely no stupid question. Ask always when unsure!