My experience: Covid-19 global pandemic

Submitted by McGill University
October 30, 2020

My first year working as a nurse was quite particular. Because of the pandemic of Covid-19, my training was cut short. They cancelled our last clinicals and we had to do them online instead; which is really not the same. When I started my first nursing job as a CEPI, without any experience of working at a hospital as a PAB and with having my last clinical experience cut short, I really felt like I was thrown in the middle of a chaos. It was quite overwhelming. On top of that, because of the pandemic, my unit was short-staffed even more than usual. Everyone was running and rushing, everyone was stressed, it was not the best environment to learn as a new nurse. But, being in such an intense surrounding, a learned to work well under pressure, to be quick on my feet, to be organized and most importantly, I learned the value of mutual aid. Covid-19 took something from me regarding my experience at the beginning, but now I can say it also gave me a unique learning experience. I have learned so much from beginning my nursing career during a global pandemic.