My covid experience as a new nurse

Submitted by Mcgill University
October 16, 2020

As a new nurse, I find it very difficult to start working in an environment that has been affected by Covid. I started working at the end of the first wave of the pandemic. Not only I was stressful because everything was new, the workload was unhealthy. I work at a med&surg unit and all the patients that have their surgery delayed, had their surgery in this period. Not only did we have 5 or 6 patients peer shift, but they were heavy cases. It was not only heavy for me, but also for the nurses with years of experience. A lot of people were complaining and a lot of people were not coming to work because of how stressful it was. Some days I was doing 12 hours without taking any breaks. I will come home after work and start crying because I was exhausted.  I thought about quitting. However, all the complaints make a difference. The direction of the hospital listen to us and promises us to change the work environment. Five months later I don’t feel the stress before going to work anymore. I think that covid make us, new nurses, prepared for what’s coming next. It is important to speak up when something isn’t right.