My COVID Experience

Submitted by McGill
October 8, 2020

My name is MarieLee and I graduated my nursing program in December 2019.

I started working in January 2020 at the CHUM in Montreal on the neurosurgical floor. As a brand new nurse, I was so excited to be on my own and to put to practice everything I’ve learned for the pas 3 years.

On April 28th 2020, I received a phone call from work telling me I’d be opening a new unit in Hotel-Dieu (a closed hospital), to receive COVID positive patients the verry next day. This was a really challenging period for me, having to adapt to a whole new environment, form a new unit from scratch with my new colleagues, and giving care to patients with completely different needs from the ones I was used to have on my neurosurgical floor.

This adventure was certainly not easy, but I learned that even in a pandemic context, positive moments can be made and learned so much from this. The approach with isolated patients, adapting to a whole new team, new protocols and form of care for patients. And we made the best out of it!

After months of working there, I’ve been sent back to my original floor and was so happy to return to my team. I told them about the unique experience I’ve had and the beautiful persons I’ve met.

What a way to start a career!