My COVID-19 experience as a new graduated nurse

Submitted by Nursing
October 24, 2020

With the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic, teachers decided to end my last semester earlier than planned to allow us to work in the frontlines. Therefore, I started gaining my first experience as a CEPI in a paediatric hospital in May 2020. The working environment was totally different by wearing a mask during my whole shift. I’ve never worked in this kind of environment. Since I started with paediatrics, so I did not take care of covid patients since there was only a few on another floor, during the peak of the pandemic in Montreal. With the hospital rules, we didn’t have any issues with getting a lot of covid cases. However, the risks were higher to contract COVID 19 in the community. Thus, it was important, and still is now, to respect the public health safety guidelines to avoid spreading of the virus. Later on, I decided to switch to an adult patients’ hospitals and so far, I did not experience something like the first wave of the pandemic. I talked with my colleagues who chose to help work in long term care facilities and it was a difficult work environment. Also, during the first wave of the pandemic, my colleagues explained how difficult it was since the lack of nurses and equipment. To conclude, I did not experience as much as a health care worker during the beginning of this pandemic, but I wish to help as much as I can from now on.