Lost soul on the frontlines

Submitted by mcgill university
October 30, 2020

The covid-19 pandemic started abruptly. I was a working registered nurse for a year and a half. Never had it occurred to me that I would be treating patients during a worldwide pandemic. I volunteered to work as a bedside nurse for this demographic. The first patient I had was under my care for less than 3 hours. The first assessment her vital signs looked reasonable but suddenly 30 minutes after he was severely short of breath. He was intubated shortly after. At this time, I felt I hadn’t given her the proper care she deserved. We were treating the physical aspect but mentally and emotionally I saw he needed help. A nurse is someone who cares for another on multiple aspects, rather than just physically. Fortunately for him, he was extubated and after a few weeks post-ICU, he was able to be discharged COVID recovered. This situation did not include the death of a patient but the lack of giving full nursing care. Nurses care for their patient and sometimes we couldn’t do it fully. The emotional and mental aspect to nursing is very important. Being available to intervene for those negative aspect is, in my opinion, a job for the nurse.