Submitted by McGill University
October 8, 2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, nurses were being applauded as the “gardian angels” of the population. I didn’t agree with the term because it seems too poetic to describe our true reality. We are pure professionals capable of beautiful qualities to ensure patient’s security, support, care, and this includes their family. I was in my last nursing semester when the whole COVID-19 story started. I gotta say it was challenging to start as a nursing candidate working in a hospital during a pandemic. I was lucky enough to be working in a pediatric hospital where we didn’t have that many COVID cases. As I watched the different care approches change, guidelines being reformulated each day, i realized it’d be a long ride and we better get our seat belt on for a hell of a ride. I admire all my nurses colleagues who sacrificed themselves to go to COVID facilities to give care to patient who were unstable by not only being there as a nurse but also as the only support those patients had (because of COVID rules, no visits allowed). It made me realize how beautiful our profession is. We don’t only take care of our patients in a medical way, but in a human way. And despite the masque and the goggles, we don’t lose the human touch. Human touch is needed in those uncertain times. We make a difference where it is needed, pandemic or not. Finally, joining the nursing profession made me realize that we make a drastic change in the most vulnerable time of people’s life through their care. It is gratyfing to be able to witness the recovery of each one of them to attain their goal and to promote their health. Fighting along the way with patients to achieve their goals can be challenging, but we beautifully adapt, as it is well described as a nurse quality. I want to scream lourd and clear that i am proud, I am a nurse and I make a difference.