Impact of COVID-19 on new mothers

Submitted by Mcgill University
October 30, 2020

When the first wave of COVID-19 hit our hospital, we were scared. The nurses on my unit (Postpartum unit) were afraid. We were scared of contracting the virus. Now, as the second wave of COVID-19 hit in Montreal, we came prepared. We learned from our mistakes during the first wave and we were more equipped than ever to deal with COVID-19 patients. In the postpartum unit, we not only care for the new mothers, but we also care for their newborns. As a nurse taking care of those patients, it surprises me how the virus can greatly impact the physical and emotional wellbeing of the mothers. Visits from families and friends were limited and you have to isolate yourself from others. Even though most of the patients I have taken care of ended up recovering well, the emotional impact that specifically new mothers have experience were something that we were not prepared for, even in the second wave. It is draining for both the mothers and the nurses, but we have to keep going and help our patients with the best of our abilities.