Getting stronger together

Submitted by Mcgill University
October 13, 2020

During may 2020 I started to work at the hospital as a CEPI at a hospital in Montreal. I was very nervous, felt insecure, and wished everything was going to go well. Since the situation of covid-19 in the whole world, our hospitals needed help and because of that, even though I did not finish all of my college classes, they asked me to start working earlier. Reading about the pandemic in the newspaper, hearing about it on the radio, on the television, and all over social media, I was very anxious about what was about to come. I felt like I was rushing myself, but when I met my unit team I felt so well welcomed that my anxiety calmed down. The first week I had patients for myself I feel supported m=by my colleagues. They told me to come to them if I had any struggles or questions and needed help. My very first patient had gotten covid-19 weeks before but was now negative but still hospitalized for another reason. I really connected well with him, he was very grateful for every care I was giving him. He explained to me his experience with covid-19 and he told me how thankful he was to every single person working in the hospitals. During my weeks of work, I saw my team being frustrated, sad and exhaust but also smile, laugh, and enjoy our work. I think we all felt comfort and strength to come back every day to work because we knew that we were in all of this together.