From an ortho nurse to an everything nurse

Submitted by McGill's Ingram School of Nursing
October 24, 2020

So the story starts when the decline of COVID-19 started to happen. I just graduated nursing school and was so excited to start putting all the hard work i put into my 3 years of nursing school to the test. I was supposed to start at the end of summer but the hospital where i was hired asked if i could start sooner as they “needed nurses!” so i agreed. I was hired to be an orthopaedic surgery nurse. The first day on the floor I am surprised by the staff and my preceptor greeting me by saying that we were the only unit left with no covid cases so basically we received any covid -free patient who needed to stay urgently at the hospital. So to my surprise on my first day i was dealing with ENT post ops, to stroke clients to palliative care. So even if i wasnt directly with covid patients, I was receiving every other kind besides my speciality. I can agree that i did learn alot, especially how to apply a stoma bag and how to do a good neuro assessment.