Encountering COVID-19 as a Novice Nurse

Submitted by McGill University - Ingram School of Nursing
October 5, 2020

The year 2020 has not welcomed new nurse, very kindly. Personally, starting off my career during a global pandemic was not the most ideal, practically and emotionally. There was so much uncertainty about the whole situation just around the end of my gradating year, clinical was cancelled midway and we all had to finish our learning online which i found to be  terrifying.  Basing off my clinical practice (now entering the workforce) off of virtual clinical scenarios was not the most ideal for the practicality of the profession. Even before I started working , I was so scared of the unknown, a stream of questions kept engulfing my mind, was I going to die from this virus? did my unit have enough PPE to keep me safe? what type of treatments am I supposed to be carrying out? will I bring this virus home to my family? All while trying to solidify my teachings from college and trying to figure out working as a novice nurse. However, thankfully there is an amazing culture on my unit and we all work very well to support one another and COVID-19 has only showed how resilient nurses and other health care workers are, myself included!