Submitted by McGill University
October 27, 2020

Personally, this pandemic brought forth the importance of being empathic as human beings and especially as nurses. Working during this period was at first scary. Everyone from my colleagues to patients panicked, and we realized that we all had to adjust and adapt to a new reality we had maybe never faced before. Change is not easy when imposed thus it was hard for everyone to have to adapt in such a short period. At some point, I took a step back and realized that we are all doing the best we can with the circumstances we have been presented with. Although we as nurses might be scared or might feel overwhelmed, patients are even more scared/ overwhelmed. We have to gown up, wear masks and goggles to see covid patients, but they are isolated and all they get to see is us all covered up. Albeit different struggles, we are all struggling and in this together. We must put ourselves in each other’s shoes to be able to work together to find ways to still be able to find a connection and establish a relationship of partnership and trust. Without empathy, we are unable to relate to the other, unable to feel each other’s struggles, and unable to reach out to others in need of a hand. COVID-19 has shown our resilience and our dedication that no matter what happens we will keep showing up and that in itself is what makes Nursing one of the best professions out there!