Daphnée’s story

Submitted by McGill University
September 23, 2020

Hi, my name is Daphnée and I am a CEPI in a birth unit.

I found it very hard to start working as a CEPI in the hospital during the pandemic. Everything is just so different. We need to take extra precautions, extra clothing, extra everything. Working with a mask all day is very hard, thinking about what you touch and what to do after you touch it is very hard. Seeing mothers giving birth but not being able to have their husbands with them is very hard. I am very happy that we have a separate door for our unit. That way, we don’t have to be in contact with other workers or patients to go to our unit. It is a hard time working during the pandemic but I believe this is what our profession is for, this is what we signed up for! Obviously, I am not talking about the hours or work conditions. I am talking about the fact that we are here to help people. It is stressful to think that maybe you are bringing something to your house that will affect your family. It gives me anxiety to just work in an environment where everyone is anxious about the virus, but we gotta hold on! 🙂