Covid19 Isolation

October 27, 2020

I have been working in a pharmacy since the beginning of the pandemic. I am one of the many frontline workers in various fields who have had the unique experience of working to provide people with their essentials during these trying times. Personally, what I have found most difficult to deal with myself and from what I have assessed talking to different people about recent events is how lonely it can be. Patients would come in to pick up their medications would spend at least 10 minutes making small talk. They would later apologize for taking up our time and thanked us because it was the only human interaction they had that day. It really makes one reflect on all the times we take for granted or complain about when we have to go out and interact with people. It is not apparent how important it is until it is taken away. Seeing as I was not able to be alongside my fellow peers on the frontlines of the hospital I am still glad to be able to contribute in a small way.