Covid-19 Frontlines

Submitted by McGill University Healthcare Centre/McGill University
October 22, 2020

I have decided to speak about my experience in the Covid-19 frontlines, as a PAB and graduating Nurse.

Working on a Covid unit consisted of numerous and constant rollercoaster of emotions, while maintaining professionalism and competency.

I have learned a lot on the true basics of what Nursing truly is.

I had to console a lot of patients demonstrating heavy signs of hopelessness and depression, seeing patients hyperventilating and being in distress throughout a long time. It was hard to see patients suffering like that, trying to be there for them as much as possible. Seeing the sadness in their face when they talk about their families, or seeing a patient dying without nobody of their family to hold their hand and accompany them. I’ve also seen patients being cured from the virus, and discharging them back home to their loved ones. I’ve never seen such happiness in a patient’s face from leaving the hospital. During the pandemic, we had a smaller PAB to patient ratio and nurse to patient ratio, allowing us to be even more present for them and providing all the basic care. I went through some very hard times, but it was also a very enriching experience.

I would do it all over again tomorrow.