COVID-19 and Psychiatric Patients

Submitted by McGill University
October 26, 2020

I am working full-time on a COVID-19 unit in a psychiatric hospital. It has been quite the experience to work on such a floor, especially only a couple of months after strating my nursing career. It is challenging because of many different aspects. Mainly, because of the fear of getting COVID-19, which despite all of the PPE is still there. Also, many psychiatric patients need to be constantly reminded to follow COVID-19 rules. Many of them forget to use their mask (or use it properly) so they need constant education and reinforcement. Furthermore, the stress of knowing that they are COVID-19 positive also makes some patients get worse, meaning they become more anxious or more disorganized. Overall, it has been a challenge but a rewarding one because I know that at the end of the day, my patients truly need me.