Beginning my nursing career during the pandemic

Submitted by McGill University
October 26, 2020

Beginning my career in the midst of the pandemic, going stronger than ever. Anxiety is lingering day in and day out for months until you eventually become accustom to all the changes being done on a daily basis. You thoughts become desensitized with time, “Did I get too close?”, “Did I wash my hands before touching eye?”, “Did I wash all the door knobs at home before my elderly father touched them?”. The private phone call, “Who is it? Was I in contact with someone who had COVID?” and when you answer and realize it’s exactly what your thoughts were, everything runs through you mind. “Will everyone I was in contact with be okay?”. You realize you cannot control this virus, you cannot control the future, but what you can control is your thoughts. Accept the reality and stay mentally strong to continue to care for others while being a new nurse and adapting to a new environment. The International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife celebrates and recognizes that we are resilient, we are fierce, we adapt to all environments the way we can and we are strong!