A Geriatric Nurse

Submitted by McGill University
October 24, 2020

Being a nurse on a daily basis is not easy. Being a part of a pandemic…. well, it’s even harder.

I am a geriatric nurse; I love what I do. When I initially heard about COVID-19, I didn’t think much of it but as it was spreading, I remember distinctively thinking ‘’what about the population at risk?”.

We reached the part where COVID-19 enters our hospital. All nurses are forced to work full time. I am scared… I feared what is about to happen. Yes, we learn about pandemics but now we are in one. I am frustrated with the unclear protocols that change every 2 hours. I see the fear in my colleagues’ eyes, the sadness, the anger and the frustration.

I am moved to a COVID (geriatric) unit. It’s my first day, I can’t breathe, I am sweating. I am trying my best to familiarize myself with the setting and the staff. I see my patients fighting for a breath and I see some with smiles on their faces.

Days turn into weeks and turns into months. Suddenly, the unfamiliar staff turned into family. The fear turned into my strength. I knew my team had my back. When we would wear our PPE, we would make sure the entire staff would be together, tapping each other back, laughing and hoping for the best. I am proud of my team; we helped a patient who was 99 years old celebrate her 100th birthday. (she recovered from COVID) Miracles do happen in geriatrics.

Nurses have this light in their hearts and wherever we are, we make the environment brighter. The challenges will keep coming but nurses will continue to fight them while providing care around the world. Keep fighting for what you believe.

I am a nurse and I am proud.