A compassionate heart

Submitted by Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University
October 26, 2020

COVID-19 has greatly affected the lives of all people across the world, especially the healthcare system. The normal way of living has changed abruptly. For example, social distancing and wearing masks become a norm. There are millions of deaths and cases reported. Healthcare providers are one of the frontliners who work very hard to treat and assist COVID-19 patients.

Last spring, I was working as a waitress in a retirement home and it was greatly hit by COVID-19. Residents were asked to stay in their rooms all day for how many months to control the rapid transmission of COVID-19. Unfortunately, there was new cases and deaths every day. The dining room full of residents before became quiet and empty. Most of our nurses were also tested positive and needed to quarantine before they can go back to work. There were almost no nurses left to take care of the residents. It got me thinking if we would be able to survive the pandemic. And then, nurses from different agencies and CLSC came to help. They stayed until our nurses were able to work again. I was able to witness the compassion and humility shown by nurses towards the residents. To decrease the cases, there were many new rules implemented. Day by day, residents were tested negative and some returned back from hospitals. Also, our nurses came back one by one. Residents are allowed to go out and meet their families again. Indeed, it was a long and difficult battle, but nurses were still able to fight with sincerity and empathy to the residents. Even after sad goodbyes, everyone was able to see a hope and start a new beginning with the help of all nurses.