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24 Oct 2020

My COVID-19 experience as a new graduated nurse

With the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic, teachers decided to end my last semester earlier than planned to allow us to...

24 Oct 2020

“I am here for you”

In June, I was a nursing student who was afraid of starting her new career as a CEPI. My new...

24 Oct 2020

My First Day as a Nurse in a Big Hospital

May 21st was my first day as a nurse, on a hospital unit, in a big pediatrics specialized hospital. I...

24 Oct 2020

New nurse in the middle of a pandemic

This year as the pandemic hit many changes occurred to my last semester in CEGEP. I did not have the...

24 Oct 2020

Small Actions

2020 has been a difficult year. The challenges that have come our way have been difficult. COVID-19 has changed the...

24 Oct 2020

Helping as a beneficiary attendant and studying as a future nurse

My story as a student in nursing science at McGill University to this day, relates to experiences from the months...

24 Oct 2020

The beginning of my career

After three years of working towards becoming a nurse, I was in my last clinical rotation when I first heard...

24 Oct 2020

Staying safe during Covid

During this Covid time it is important for us to keep ourselves safe and remind our collegues too to remain...

24 Oct 2020

First Int'l Nursing Experiences Sharing Webinar COVID-19 in China

On September 17th, 2020, Chinese Nursing Association hosted the International Nursing Experiences Sharing Webinar on COVID-19 Pandemic, with the theme...

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