Florence 2020 History of Nursing Conference

13 Feb 2020 - 15 Feb 2020

Florence - Italy


Event Location

  Il Fuligno, Via Faenza 40 50123, Florence, Italy

On 12 May, 1820, in the Villa La Colombaia just outside the city of Florence, a child was born to a wealthy British couple on a ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe. Named after the city of her birth, Florence Nightingale was to become the most famous nurse of modern times. Almost seventeen years later, believing she had been inspired by a ‘call from God’ to perform good works, she began to take an interest in the nursing care of the sick. Her subsequent career has become the stuff of legend, and biographers from Sarah Tooley (1904) and Edward Tyas Cook (1913) to Mark Bostridge (2008) have emphasised her many contributions to healthcare reform and the professionalisation of nursing.

From the late twentieth century onwards, historians of nursing have frequently commented that our understanding of the development of nursing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has been distorted by an excessive focus on Nightingale, and, in more recent years, revisionist scholars have attempted to relocate her as simply one, particularly famous, figure in a rich historical landscape of influential reformers. Some present-minded writers, apparently troubled by Nightingale’s upper-middle-class background, have gone further – becoming highly critical of the ‘traditional’ historical focus on her as the nursing reformer par excellence. Yet, others have observed that some recent revisionism has distorted historical reality by denying Nightingale’s genuinely ground-breaking contributions to healthcare reform.
The Florence 2020 Conference, while being located in the city of Nightingale’s birth and clearly associating itself with her image and achievements, is intended to be broad-ranging and inclusive. Florence Nightingale is taken as an important reference-point to the history of modern nursing, but the purpose of the conference is to highlight current research across a wide field of endeavour.

Conference Co-Chair: Prof. Cecilia Sironi – Prof. Anna La Torre
Keynote Speakers:
Christine Hallett – Professor of Nursing History at the University of Huddersfield, Chair of the UK Association for the History of Nursing, and President of the European Association for the History of Nursing.
Prof. Paul De Reeve – Segretary General of European Federation of Nursing Association
Prof. Karen Nolte – Professor and Director of the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine at the University of Heidelberg, Germany
Prof. Alessandro Stievano – Associate Director for Nursing and Health Policy at the International Council of Nurses – Research coordinator of the Centre of Excellence for Nursing Scholarship of OPI Rome – Italy.