5th International Congress and 20th National Congress of Nurses

12 Oct 2020 - 16 Oct 2020

Osorno, Region de los Lagos - Chile


Event Location

  Termas de Puyehue  Puyehue, Osorno, Region de los Lagos, Chile

Date: 12-16 October 2020. Hotel Termas de Puyehue, Osorno, Región de los Lagos, Chile.

The Colegio de Enfermeras de Chile A.G. organizes a new version of its National and International Congress, which this year has the slogan: “social and political empowerment of the nurse in the digital era” and will be participated by outstanding speakers at world level, such as Annette Kennedy, President of the ICN; Linda H. Aiken, Director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Studies at the University of Pennsylvania; Liliana la Rosa, Dean of the Peruvian College of Nurses; Claudia La Selva, Director of Operations, Nursing and Patient Experience at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil, among others.


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